Frequent questions

1. How long are applications processed?

The time required to process applications on the Spectrum Change exchange service is from 1 to 15 minutes. The final time of crediting funds to your e-wallet depends on many factors. For example, in the Bitcoin network, the transfer confirmation time can be from 10 minutes to 2 days and depends on the workload of the mempool. The same delays occur with various financial institutions (banks, payment systems). For more information about the processing of the application, you can check with the technical support of the Spectrum Change service.

2. What is network confirmation?

Confirmation in the network is the process of including a transaction in a block of the blockchain network. For example, in the Bitcoin network, transaction data from one wallet to another is sent to the ledger to receive a confirmation status. This process takes time and depends on the workload of the mempool. For more information about online verification, please contact Spectrum Change technical support.

3. How to clear cookies and browser cache?

Cookies are files in which the browser records information about the sites you visit. These files are stored in the user's browser in order to determine it and not ask for the username and password within the same session.

In most browsers, to clear cookies, you must press CTRL + Shift + Delete, or select the desired item in the browser menu. Next, in the window that appears, select the period for which you want to delete the data, and click the "Clear" button.

4. What is a coupon?

Spectrum Coupon Change is a non-repeating code, by entering which, when making a transaction in the specified field, the visitor will receive a discount on the exchange. Coupons have different denominations, starting with a discount of 0.05%. Coupon discount is summed up with the total account discount. The conditions for the provision of the "Coupons" service can also include:

  • it is possible to use only one coupon in one exchange application;
  • any received coupon can be activated only once;
  • Some coupons are not cumulative with the total account discount.

Spectrum technical support specialists Change .


5. Is it possible to make money on your site?

It is very easy to start earning with the Spectrum Change service: just go through a simple and quick registration, then start posting advertising materials (from your personal account) on your resources and forums. Banners and referral links will be available to you. We will accrue bonuses in the form of Spectrum Coin. Everyone who makes an exchange by going to our service using your link will automatically bring you income. Tell your friends about us, and we will be happy to share the income with you!

6. What is AML?

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are the regulatory rules and principles of the service's fight against money laundering, illegally obtained money, financing of terrorism and other illegal operations. This procedure includes verification of the User, his transactions and connection with payment systems. In the global community, this procedure is required by organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. You can read more detailed information in the corresponding section.

7. How to get a discount?

To receive a discount on conducting applications, you must first register on the Spectrum Change service. This procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes. After registration, a special Affiliate Program of our service will be available to you. The program allows you to receive bonuses in the form of Spectrum Coin, with which you can later pay for part of the exchange request.

8. Can I trust you?

The Spectrum Change service is a reliable partner in the field of converting cryptocurrencies. We have large reserves of electronic assets, which allows us to offer our Users a favorable rate for them. We work officially and provide our clients with the highest quality services. The Spectrum Change service is hosted in many well-known online exchanger monitors. You can find us on your own or, for example, look at reviews on the most famous Bestchange monitoring. The Spectrum Change exchanger is reliable and processes all exchange requests within 15 minutes. We value our reputation and try to make the exchange for our Users as convenient as possible.

9. Why do you need a photo of my card?

Verification of a bank card is a way to confirm the rights to the card specified in the application and the fact that it is the person who creates the application for the exchange is its owner. This procedure is necessary due to the large increase in the number of fraudulent transactions. Often, the situation is such that attackers can get hold of people's bank card data and try to make exchange transactions in order to take funds from their cards. Our service fights against such actions and fraud attempts, therefore, we must ensure the honesty and transparency of card exchange transactions.

The card confirmation operation when exchanging from a registered account is carried out once for each card and is as simple as possible. The user must take a photo of the card by closing the card expiration date and the security code against the background of our website. The data on the card must be clearly visible and readable. If unsuccessful, the Spectrum Change service reports the reason why verification could not be performed. After the deficiencies are eliminated, the user can re-apply for card approval.

10. What does custodial/non-custodial wallet mean?

Custodial wallets are centralized tools, as the user does not have full control over their funds, since the wallet operator has access to the private key. Sometimes this is good, because if the passwords or keys are lost, the user will be able to access the funds again. When you store your cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Poloniex, Exmo, trading platforms and brokerage services, you end up storing them in custodial wallets. Sometimes these platforms get hacked.

A non-custodial wallet is a wallet that retains the user full control over the keys and their funds. This category includes hardware, mobile, paper, desktop and web wallets. Such wallets are more secure, but the user should not forget about certain rules for storing keys to his wallet.